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September 22, 2009
Making Web Services Easier with Groovy
Many companies have adopted the principles behind web services and Service Oriented Architectures.  When the resulting services are implemented in Java, most are built using the code generation tools that work with SOAP and WSDL.  Others are modeled on RESTful ideas, whether they adhere to the exact definition of REST or not.

In this presentation, we will show how Groovy can make it easier to operate in this world.  Since Groovy can work directly with Java, adding Groovy to Java systems can simplify the development of both RESTful and SOAP-based clients and services.  Groovys excellent ability to parse and generate XML makes the REST approach easy, and can be used to create the serialization subsystems in SOAP-based web services.  We will also show how the same JAX-WS tools that work with Java can also be applied to Groovy classes to generate stubs and ties.  Examples that span all of these possibilities will be demonstrated.