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October 16, 2007
Simplifying Object Relational Mapping (ORM++) with ITCWorks, an Open Source Alternative to Hibernate

Presentation Slides

Thanks to Peter for his presentation on ITCWorks. Peter (right) is pictured here is David Ferrero who won the pass to Voices That Matter:ÊGoogle Web Toolkit Conference


The ITCWorksª Applications Developer Kit (ADK) is a rich set of Open Source Java classes and utilities (over 550) designed to simplify and facilitate the development of your business applications. ITCWorksª ADKÕs functionality begins where the Java JDK ends. ITCWorksª ADK adds higher-level API functionality to existing JDK classes as well as new application functionally that significantly reduces programming complexity and effort. The ADK delivers unparalleled new functionality in the areas of:

  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Code generation
  • JDBC Abstractions
  • XML marshaling
  • WEB Development (Rich JSP taglibs) - auto generated java script
  • Java Mail
  • HTTP and HTTPS classes
  • XMLÊSchema and WSDL tools
  • Resource bundle, property management and internationalization

Extending ITCWorksª ADK into a powerful visual user interface (UI) you will find the companyÕs commercial product, ITCPro ª. This product provides a single visual open interface to JDBC compliant databases like IBMÕs DB2/UDB , Oracle, MYSQL, MicrosoftÕs SQL Server and others.

This product goes beyond Object Relational Mapping (ORM++) providing a visual drag and drop interface to your databases for building and executing SQL from object graphs and/or custom SQL statements. Immediate SQL execution provides you with a visual display of the results. The product generates your SQL code, XML SQL Mapping (XSM) document and Data Value Objects (POJOs) ready for integration into your application code.