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November 06, 2007
No more hops! - Towards Linearly Scalable Application Infrastructure

Presentation Slides

Thanks to Victor Chan for his excellent presentation! The slides are available for download now (below). GigaSpaces also formerly announced their program for startup software firms (see their website). It's great to see that JavaSpaces and JINI are alive and kicking!


This talk focuses on the architecture and the patterns implemented behind the scenes that enable the GigaSpaces XAP (ZAP) platform to scale linearly and still provide a rich and fault-tolerant programmingmodel.

Learn how to leverage the simplicity and consistency of Spring and achieve the scalability of Google. Understand the programming paradigm known as SBA and Discover what the power of Transparent Partitioning and Colocation can do for applications ranging from Logistics to Order Processing to Algorithmic Trading.