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October 21, 2008
Session: Maven in the Enterprise



Maven is a powerful open source build and dependency management package from Apache. It is used by practically all Apache projects and is enjoying widespread adoption. Maven subscribes to the philosophy of convention over configuration. This same philosophy is the driving force behind RAILs, Grails, and Seam. However Maven is highly adaptable and can leverage your existing Ant files. Everyone at some point has had to dive into a custom Ant file to add a new dependency or troubleshoot library version conflicts. Such tasks are rarely fun and maintaining the build process can end up being a nightmare. Tracking the alphabet soup of open source libraries and their dependencies is not a trivial task.

Brian, a member of the Apache Maven team, will introduce you to Maven. He will take you through the core concepts and how to use it. He will also delve into M2Eclipse which is an Eclipse plugin (open source). M2Eclipse brings the full power of Maven into Eclipse. Finally, he will round out the presentation with a demo of Sonatype Nexus. Nexus is a repository manager for internal corporate repositories.


Brian Fox has over a decade of experience as an enterprise software development manager and senior software engineer. Brian comes to Sonatype from public health software solutions company Scientific Technologies Corporation, where he concurrently held several positions including Technical Product Manager, setting product direction and determining technical implementation strategy, and Configuration Manager, leading a build team and converting Scientific Technology's build system to Maven 2 from ANT. Previously Brian led a remote engineering group as Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead for Lucent Technologies and has years of experience building high availability systems for telecommunication applications.

Fluent in Java, .NET, C/C++/C#, Perl, HTML, and SOAP, among others, Brian's open source contributions include acting as the primary developer for several Maven plugins and release manager for several Maven core releases, the project lead for tag library application Cewolf, and an committer. Brian is an accomplished speaker and joint author of several papers on syndromic surveillance.

Brian has a B.S. in Computer Science from Daniel Webster College.